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I designed and built this website because I wanted to articulate my professional ambitions and share my ideas. To go beyond what a resume can depict or an interview can highlight, I wanted to explain the guiding principles that underpin my management philosophy. I wanted to paint a complete picture that also includes sources of inspiration for my leadership style.

I am passionate about smart integration of business and technology and leading teams that drive growth and profitability. Designing unique business intelligence (BI) and mobile analytics solutions that provide actionable insight is what gets me fired up. I love solving business problems that present unique opportunities for new and innovative products. The thrill of tackling issues and steering through uncharted waters excites me. Taking risks and chasing the entrepreneurial spirit that demands ingenuity fuels my enthusiasm. And I feel fortunate enough to have been doing it for more than 20 years.

Whenever I consider the greatest accomplishment of my career, I think about the next one. I am keen to engage each day with an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to chase perfection, however elusive, because I know it brings me a little closer to excellence.

Finally, I believe our business persona is dictated more by our individual character than by our technical competencies or domain knowledge. This is a perspective I carry with me even when I recruit for the most technical roles, because I regard one’s personal qualities–our core DNA fueled by our passions–to be more important when it comes to solving problems and navigating obstacles.

I consider these aspirations my value proposition.


Kaan Turnali